We know what we’re doing when it comes to tasty eats.

From our deep roots in agriculture and award winning chefs to aboriginal cuisine, our people have the passion and the know-how to whisk you away on a culinary adventure. Be enticed down path of roadside fruit stands, through a century old nut orchard to the ledge of a dormant volcano for some alfresco dining.

Our chefs and restaurants have garnered international attention for their innovative creations that have satisfied the palate of many. Our roadside fruit stand and charming diners have captured the hearts of many with their wholesome food and their warm Okanagan hospitality.

  • Top 10 Places to Eat in West Kelowna

    Top 10 Places to Eat in West Kelowna

    There are several favourite places to eat in West Kelowna, here is a top 10 list…

  • Local Produce

    Local Produce

    Farm to Table is not just the latest buzz word, it is a way of life around here…

  • Pubs & Cafes

    Pubs & Cafes

    Morning lattes or an afternoon on the patio at a pub…

  • Wineries


    The Okanagan is famous for its wineries.

  • Restaurants


    Local Okanagan flavours, Ethnic cuisine and popular brand name restaurants can be found here…