Boucherie Rd – Westside Wine Trail Upgrades

Boucherie Rd – Westside Wine Trail Upgrades/Construction

The Westside Wine Trail is getting an upgrade!

We are excited about the changes that will be happening along Boucherie Rd, which is one of the main wine trail roads, in West Kelowna.

Some of the upgrades include cycling lanes and sidewalks, which will be a welcome addition for those wishing to visit the wineries by bike.

There will be some route changes until Nov 18th and below is a map of some of the alternative ways to get to the wineries. It should be noted that all wineries remain open during the upgrading process.

Access to Mt Boucherie, Volcanic Hills and Beaumont can be gained off of Thacker Rd => Douglas Rd. For Beaumont winery, one can park in designated parking on Douglas Rd and take a walk up to the wine shop along the vineyard, or they can drive directly up to the wine shop. (note: winery traffic is considered local traffic, but parking is limited at the wine shop and it is recommended to park and walk along the vineyard to the wine shop).

Little Straw can be access via Hudson Rd => Guidi Rd => Trevor Rd => Ourtoland Rd or Thacker Rd => Ogden Rd.

The Hatch, Quails’ Gate and Mission Hill access is Boucherie Rd => Stuart Rd => Thacker Rd => Ogden Rd => Boucherie Rd

We hope that you take in our trail this season and be show to look at the map and some pictures of the finished project!

Boucherie Rd Construction





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