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Create Your Spirit Animal


Mar Jok Elementary School

2101 McDougall Rd, West Kelowna, BC


Did you know we may have several different Spirit Animals in our lifetime? They can come in and out of our lives to give us guidance and protection. Explore your spirit animal through creativity, curiosity and self-expression in this workshop. We begin with a guided meditation, to bring awareness to your body, spirit and feelings. Through this, we begin to visualize and become acquainted with the spirit guides within. You will then bring your Spirit Animal to life in a painting.

This workshop is perfect for those who are interested in connecting, curious about animal spirituality, or just wanting to have fun in the process. If you have never held a paintbrush or drawn before, now is your chance for a fun and insightful experience! A supply list will be on your receipt for you to bring your own supplies to the class.

Register at the City of West Kelowna.


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