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Glen Canyon Regional Park (North)


Distance/Duration: various routes; over 4 km/2 hours or less

Elevation Gain: 70 metres

Difficulty Level: moderate to difficult

GPS: 49.835192, -119.647489 or 49.848037, -119.663503

Access Points: The Aberdeen Trailhead can be found at Aberdeen & Webber Roads. Go to the eastern end of Aberdeen Rd. Further up Webber Rd, with Coventry Road being the cross street, is the other access point at Last Mountain neighbourhood park where there is a small parking lot.

About this Trail: Marvel at 100-foot-high cliffs and unique hoodoo rock formations. This deep canyon is a relic of high erosion cutting through the White Lake Formation caused by glacial meltwater during the end of the last ice age. This hike ranges from moderate to difficult; depending on the trail you take. Hikers should be aware that this is not a looped trail, so they may need to retrace their steps.

CAUTION: There are some sudden steep drop-offs. This is an important natural wildlife corridor so visitors should be aware that animals, such as bears, coyotes, rattlesnakes, deer and cougars travel in the area. Private property borders this park, so please be respectful of private property signs.

Features: 100-foot-high cliffs, hoodoo columns, cliff faces, exposed sedimentary rocks, bird watching, important wildlife corridor, flora & fauna


GPS Enabled Map  for Glen Canyon Regional Park (North and South)

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