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Boucherie Recreational Pathway

Boucherie Multi-Use Path/Recreation Corridor

Explore West Kelowna’s Beauty on the Boucherie Multi-Use Path/Recreation Corridor

The Boucherie Multi-Use Path/Recreation Corridor is a scenic 4.8 km route that welcomes cyclists and pedestrians. This paved, off-street path offers more than just exercise; it’s your gateway to West Kelowna’s natural beauty, wineries, and hidden gems.

Cruise alongside Lush Vineyards and Picturesque Views

Take a scenic ride or stroll along the Boucherie Multi-Use Path/Corridor where lush vineyards and breathtaking views line the route. The shared path also leads you past a brewery, a birdwatching area, a playground, and a beach!

Perfect for Cyclists, Pedestrians, Strollers and Wheelchairs

Most of the path is paved, making it easily accessible for wheelchairs, strollers, and those who prefer a leisurely pace.

There are a few exceptions to be aware of: the areas near the hatch and Quails’ Gate vineyards have a crushed gravel surface that would be difficult for wheelchairs. Additionally, a steeper paved section exists between Anders Road and Douglas Road. Cyclists should be advised that there is a steep incline by Quails’ Gate vineyards which may require you to dismount and walk your bike for a short stretch.

Plan Your Trip with the Interactive Map

Refer to the interactive map below for more details about the Boucherie Multi-Use Path/Recreation Corridor. Click on a coloured segment of the path to view the description. Descriptions can also be viewed by clicking on the icon with the arrow on the top left-hand side of the map.
While there are no dedicated parking areas to access the path/recreation corridor, several spots exist for on-street parking. These areas include:

  • Aberdeen Park on West Bay Rd
  • Green Bay Rd
  • Perley Rd (please do not block entrances to the vineyard)
  • Douglas Rd (please do not block entrances to the vineyard and fruit stand)


Attractions and Amenities along the Boucherie Multi-Use Path/Recreation Corridor



Wineries and breweries directly on the path
Grizzli Winery, Beaumont Winery, Volcanic Hills Estate Winery, The Hatching Post, the hatch and Quails’ Gate Winery.
Wineries and breweries a few blocks off the path
Black Swift Vineyards, Rollingdale Winery, Mt Boucherie Estate Winery, Little Straw Vineyards, Lakesider Brewing Co, Mission Hill Family Estate and Frind Winery.
Visit to learn more about these and other wineries in the area.

It’s A Bakery | 845 Anders Rd
~ Bakery, sandwiches, coffee, indoor and outdoor seating
Lakesider Brewing Co | 835 Anders Rd
~ Brewery with menu and indoor and outdoor seating
Nesters | 855 Anders Rd
~ Grab & Go deli foods
Little Straw Vineyards | 2815 Ourtoland Rd
~ Seasonal restaurant with menu and indoor and outdoor seating
Vino Italian Restaurant | 2845 Boucherie Rd
~ Italian restaurant located in Volcanic Hills Estate Winery
The Hatching Post | 2850 Boucherie Rd
~ Brewery and smokery with menu
The Modest Butcher | 829 Douglas Rd |
~ Restaurant located in Mt Boucherie Estate Winery
Old Vines Restaurant | 3303 Boucherie Rd
~ Restaurant located on the grounds of Quails’ Gate Winery
Annie’s Beach Cafe & Lounge | 3725 Boucherie Rd
~Cafe & Restaurant located in Frind Winery

Osprey Park | 1430 Green Bay Rd
This small park is a popular birdwatching area. It also has a playground, a picnic table benches and shade trees. Dogs are not allowed in this park.
Aberdeen Park | end of West Bay Rd
Small sandy beach between docks and a waterfront community. Parking lot with walkway to the beach. Dogs are not allowed on this beach.
Pritchard Park | 1566 Pritchard Park
This park offers a sand/small pebble beach, grassy areas, a playground, picnic tables, shade trees, a volleyball court, a dock and seasonal public washrooms.


Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist, a casual stroller, or a family seeking an adventure, the Boucherie Multi-Use Path/Recreation Corridor offers a unique perspective of West Kelowna’s beauty and charm. Lace-up your shoes, grab your wheels, and get ready to enjoy some fresh air, stunning vista and local delights!