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6 Things We Noticed on Instagram this Past Year

Thing we noticed on Instagram, West Kelowna


It is a new year, which means it is a time for reflection. We thought we would take a closer look at went on with our Instagrammers this past year. We check out what people were tagging us in, what they liked and of course we had to have some fun with the #2017BestNine app.

Here are 6 things we noticed on Instagram this past year with our Instagram followers:

  1. Our Instagrammers love nature – the photos that receive the most likes are ones that have to do with nature and beautiful vistas. There were some stunning sky photos in there too!
  2. Our Instagrammers are active – they are hitting the hiking trails and love to post, like, comment and share photos of our trails.
  3. They do like living in wine country and they showed us either by visiting a winery/vineyard or by snapping a photo of their favourite bottle of wine and food pairing.
  4. We don’t have a lot of water-babies out there. They like to capture scenes with water in it, but they don’t seem to be in it too much. (Where are all of you kayakers and wakeboarders?)
  5. Winter shots are pretty popular – is this because everyone loves winter more than summer or because everyone is too busy working in the summer so winter is the time to play for most? Or the pictures just look stunning? We aren’t sure, but keep them coming!
  6. Our Instagrammers like fresh local flavours and capture mouth-watering photos that make you want to eat local.

Thank you to all you Instagrammers out there who either tagged us with @VisitWestside or used the #VisitWestside hashtag. We appreciate you capturing the beauty of our community and sharing your photos with us. We love our #2017BestNine and looking forward to what 2018 has in store for us!

2017bestnine West Kelowna

Photos by Instagrammers: @KarenLWiebe (x2) @ripala @Theexpeditionist @dahul @valhallahelicopters @janelle.walker @lyndsay_therrien @visitwestside