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Kraft Hockeyville

West Kelowna is Kraft Hockeyville! It has been very exciting each week to hear of a new community group or business who is stepping up to show everyone just how enthusiastic we all are about hockey in our community. In case you didn’t know, there is even a song that has been produced for the Kraft Hockeyville campaign. Way to go Mike Schell and the Uptown Horns for showing some real community spirit!
If you have a story that tells of your love the game, your community spirit or your passion for hockey, the team at West Kelowna Kraft Hockeyville would love to hear it. It will be your story and the stories of your neighours that will help West Kelowna move forward to round two in their quest to become the next Kraft Hockeyville town.

So join in the fun and spirit. Tell your West Kelowna hockey story.

Here are all the important links that you need to know:

Entry at the Official Website:
West Kelowna Kraft Hockeyville Website:
Facebook Page:
Twitter Page: