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Bring West Kelowna to your Zoom Meeting

With physical distancing happening, more and more people are turning to Zoom to conduct their meetings. Did you know that in Zoom you can add a custom background to your video conferences?

Changing your background is perfect for those who don’t want people to see their messy office or lack of office (eg. dining room table).

If you are using Zoom, why not use a custom background and bring a little bit of West Kelowna to your next meeting? We have some pictures that you can use and we guarantee you that your video attendees will enjoy a beautiful scenic background over your office space :).

Feel free to download these photos for use and be sure to let others know as well!

We hope you enjoy these photos and that they provide some future travel inspiration to your network across the country.


West Kelowna Zoom meeting West Kelowna Screen Saver

West Kelowna Winter Zoom Meeting