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Wineries See Many “Sipping Sweethearts”

Now that I have recovered from the decadence of the “Sip with Your Sweetheart” event that the Westside Wine Trail put on, it’s about time I write and post some pictures from the event. It was fantastic to see so many people out on a dreary February day! The parking lots were full and the tasting rooms were bustling with the Westside Wine Trail seeing over 300 people during the day.

What would have normally been a rather ‘blah’ February day ended up being a really fun afternoon out. Not only did I get to taste some of the delicious chocolate creations and watch people enjoy the wine and food pairings, I got to meet some really nice people.

There was foursome up from Vancouver – the elder couple had flown out from New Brunswick to see their first grandchild and the four of them, baby in tow, make the trek to the Okanagan to visit our wineries. There was also a group of ladies who hadn’t been to a winery in 5 years, even though they drove by them every day! Then there were the visitors from Summerland, Lake Country, Penticton, Peachland and Kelowna who decided to venture out for the day with their sweetheart to so some sipping and tasting. It was also great to see neighbours, friends and work colleagues running into each other at the different wineries. With the wineries all being in such close proximity to each other, it made it easy to connect with people.

Aside from a few bottles of wine, what did I take away from this event? I discovered that wine and chocolate have a relationship with each other that requires knowledge and management. The wineries of the Westside Wine Trail seemed to understand the complex relationship between the two and carefully crafted chocolate treats that would perfectly balance and complement the wines that they were showcasing.

What else can I share with you from that day? That a picture is worth a thousand words and every picture tells a story. Here is the rest of the story of the “Sip with Your Sweetheart” event. For more information on the Westside Wine Trail visit

Photos courtesy of Amber Goodwin and Salina Curtis.